Songs from 2016 – So Far

Here, I wanted to bring together all the songs I have so far recorded this year. It has been pretty productive lately, and the challenge will be to keep up with the frequency of new releases that I have had the last two or three months.

“Morning Escape”

I wrote this partially in Scotland and completed it at home. It’s about ambivalence, particularly at the beginning of a relationship. It’s also about someone touching you quite deeply with something very simple – their presence.


“Jacques L.”

“Jacques L.” was written after a big celebration. I woke up the next day, feeling overly full of mixed impressions, many of which were rather impactful. It’s a song that could be about two things: parting ways with someone, or surrendering one’s history to a new present. I prefer the latter.



This song came “out of the blue” and is relatively short. I do like it a lot, though. It’s very simple and direct, and all about the immediacy.



I wrote this for a very specific reason, which was trying to reach someone who was shielding themselves off quite a bit to protect themselves from potential harm. The song and its intention were partially successful, and then again they completely failed. Sometimes, all you can really do is try.